Day 29 lunch, beach and a bumpy flight

Today is the day we are going to leave the USA and go home, but before it's time to fly, we still have a long day ahead of us.

We start by just driving around a bit through LA, Hollywood and Beverly Hills. We like doing that, just driving around a bit and watching whatever is outside the window. When the clock got closer to noon we headed to Burbank where we were going to meet up for lunch with Steve Weingart. For those who don't know him ... he's an amazing keyboard player that I met when he was touring with Steve Lukather, look him up on YouTube! The three of us had a good lunch and had lots of laughs.
He adviced us to drive uphill to Castaway and DeBell for the views so after lunch we did so and enjoyed a nice view over the city. 

Since we had to go towards the beach anyway on our way to the airport we decided we just couldn't leave without riding a bike along Venice Beach so we drove there, rented 2 bikes and enjoyed a nice ride, it was a little bit cloudy but also some sunshine. Really enjoyable!

Now it was really time to hand over our rental car and go to the airport. Rooky mistake ... I put the rocks and crystals I bought during the trip in my carry on and when we had to check in ... yupz, my suitcase was picked out and they opened every single piece. Though annoying it was funny too to see the responses of the supervisor, he was impressed by the pieces and went oooh and aaah the same way I was when seeing all the beauty in the National Parks.

Finally it was time to fly ... it's a good thing we had dinner before the flight got all bumpy and wild. Even though we had a lot of turbulence both of us got a good couple of hours during of sleep during the flight. We landed in London and went to check in for our connecting flight. This time my rocks went through without a problem. The next surprise came though when boarding. A very kind (NOT!!!) lady of British Airways told us we had to check in our carry ons because the flight was very busy and not enough space. We refused and most people after us too, now maybe if she had ASKED instead of ORDER, more would've been inclined to do it. She got all cranky and threatening us that the captain wouldn't let us board or maybe let us in but we had to leave our suitcases in London ... we said we would happily talk to the captain ... eventually she let us through an we reached our seats without any problem, no body stopping us and there was plenty of room for our suitcases. 

The last part of the flight went rather smooth and after a train and a taxi ride we arrived home at 10pm ... time to sleep!

Our amazing vacation has come to an end but we have lots of amazing memories and with an average of 15,000 steps a day, I think we can say it was a nice balance between an active and a lazy vacation. We met lots of wonderful people, some we knew through FB but also wonderful encounters with strangers along the way. I think it is safe to say we will do more travelling in the future!

Thanks to everyone that followed us and were so happy to share our adventures!




Love you both so much. See you again. ❤️💋❤️


Jij ook bedankt voor het mooie reisverslag iedere keer, was leuk


Mooi !
Al dat gedoe op die luchthavens bah !
Maar gelukkig thuis na een onvergetelijke vakantie 😊

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