Day 25 Cute towns and a castle

No National Parks today but a change of scenery. It's hard to escape from beautiful mountains and trees so we drove a scenic ride before we ended up in Sedona. Oh my gosh, again a lovely town. All the cute little shops, LOTS of rock shops and a Christmas shop that had my kinda tree! Completely filled with musical items. Even a miniature grand piano! We walked the main street, taking in the atmosphere. Totally a cool, cosy town.

Through yet another pretty route we drove to the Montezuma Castle National Monument. Such an interesting place! Isn't it amazing how they managed to build inside/against a mountain, how they lived there with about 35 people, climbing up 3 stairs to get inside and find coolness in summer and warmth in the winter sun. This place is truly inspiring.

Third on the list today was Jerome ... Serge really knows to find the good places. I LOVED the vibe in this town, the old buildings that still give you the feeling you're walking through a historic town with the bar where a band was playing and you heard it on the street, the sign of the Bordella and the old post office. I was SOLD!

We continued our way to Phoenix and my jaw dropped when we drove the I17 and saw ALL the cacti, what a sight!!! Cacti EVERYWHERE! NOW I got why there's a cactus on the Arizona license plate.   

Arrived in Phoenix and checked in at our motel. Drove to Scottsdale for a meal and both of us were very impressed with Scottsdale, such a nice clean, open town, think I could live there!




Wat fantastisch weer !
Houd niet op 😇
En ja de cactussen !
Was op Lanzarote ook zoooooooooo indrukwekkend.


Wat fantastisch weer !
Zijn in de buurt van Sedona ook niet die parken met die eeuwenoude seguoia bomen ?
Als ik goed spel !
Schijnt ook zo bijzonder te zijn !

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