Day 27 Trees, rocks and stars

Today we planned our last National Park for this vacation, Joshua Tree. We entered the park from the south and the first part leads through Cottonwood. I must admit that at first I thought:"This is it???" ... it was a long road with lots of rocks, not bad but not what I expected from Joshua Tree National Park. But soon enough we got higher into the park and the scenery changed. A few cacti here and there, some more rocks that were different and I felt like there was something good on the way.

Then all of a sudden there was the Cholla Cactus garden ... can't call it pretty but surely fascinating and way different from anything I've ever seen. I loved the yellow color and the way that they survive in the dry and hot circumstances. We walked around a bit and enjoyed the serenity of the place. We stopped again at White Tank campground and started walking around between the rocks and climbing them. I love how from the road all the 'mountains' look like heaps of boulders that were thrown aside while doing road work or something. Just chaos piled up. There were some people camping and I couldn't quite grasp the fun in camping there but to each it's own. 

We got out again at intersection rock and climbed some more. We were watching a couple of people that climbed a huge rock, like really rock climbing ... and we felt comfortable just strolling over a couple of small boulders LOL. 

Then finally we reached the Joshua Trees and I loved them! The way they grow and have nuts and how new trees grow where older ones fell over. Very fascinating and interesting, so happy I saw that! When we left the park again we saw some cute old west style buildings right across the visitor centre and we took some pics, visited the store and the visitor centre. One thing that surprised me ... the park is full of bees, which I love, but I kinda expected the visitor centre or something would sell honey but didn't find it. 

After the park we headed to LA where we will spend the last 2 days of our vacation. We had dinner at the Original Tommy's, checked in at the hotel and strolled around Hollywood Boulevard a bit, looking at souvenirs and watching the stars on the Walk of Fame. Lots of strange people out there!!!




Leuk om zo bij te blijven met wat jullie doen! Geniet van de laatste vakantiedagen, maar weet dat we je hier missen!


Loved reading you vacation blog Miss Yvi. I am so thrilled that we finally did met. I love you both ❤️❤️


Weer een bijzondere dag dus !
En dan nog maar 2 daagjes 😣

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