Day 26 What? No sightseeing?

Indeed ... no sightseeing today. When you are in the United States you also have to do some shopping! 

In the first Target we went to I saw very pretty satin pyamas and I have been looking for a good one for a while now. They didn't have my size so I tried to forget about it. Didn't work. So after a few days we tried a different Target ... no luck ... next one ... no luck ... I thought:"OK, it's not meant to be.". But Phoenix has a lot of Targets so today we gave it another try ... first one we looked, at Tempe Marketplace ... BINGO!!! Yvi happy!   
Old Navy had a big sale and we scored a very nice sweater for Serge ... GOSH it made him even MORE handsome than he already is!   

Second stop was Phoenix Premium Outlets, I LOVE outlet stores!!! Main reason to go to this one was the presence of an Adidas Outlet Store. Serge brought me a pair of Original Adidas Superstars from Florida last year and I totally wore them out, wear them almost every day, they're good for a couple of more miles but I definitely wanted a back up pair. They are just so fitting for my feet! We already been to another Adidas Outlet but at that shop my size was sold out ... so here was to hoping this store had a pair my size ... well, what can I say ... they had 14!!! in my size LOL. Funny detail ... I have to shop at the kids department, yupz, small feet!
But here I saw the ones with pink stripes for the first time and immediately fell in love ... those weren't in my size though. DARN! We behaved otherwise, Serge bought just one more sweater for me and after that we left the Phoenix Premium Outlets.

Working our way back to LA we headed for Blythe to spend the night. 




Ook wel eens lekker !
Gewoon wat shoppen en niet aldoor .......
Geniet ervan 😇
Einde nadert 😕

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