Day 28 The last full day in the USA

Today is our last full day in the USA and we wanted to spend it well. 

We started by just driving around LA, looking and taking in the vibe of the city.

Serge showed me the building where the video of 'I'll Be Over You' by TOTO was filmed. After that we went to search for the Guess onsite store ... we expected a BIG store but it was SO small, we walked in and immediately out again.

From there we drove to Long Beach for a good shot of sea and beach. We had lunch at Gelsons, I LOOOVE their salad bar and we had a great view of the harbor from their deck at the 2nd floor.
Walked up and down the Huntington Beach pier watching the surfers trying to catch the waves, people fishing and hearing the waves break. Also of course walked through the street across the street with all the surfer shops and enjoyed the sun/sea/beach thing again. 

When driving on we saw the Crystal Cathedral on the left of the road and that brought back memories to me. Used to watch the services. So we took the next exit and looked around. I had no idea it had been sold. 

By now it was time to work our way back to LA but because I really wanted Serge to have his leather jacket, we stopped at Citadel Outlets and YES YES YES they had the right size and he can now show off all his handsomeness in it!   

After dinner in LA and a short stop at the hotel, we drove up to Griffith Observatory to see the city by night. It did NOT disappoint. Gosh, that is one heck of a sight. All the lights and you could actually see the heat above the city (the movement of the air) and the moon showed it's pretty face too. It was VERY crowded, we were not the only ones hahaha.

Back at the hotel we made our suitcases ready for our trip back, everything fits! 

For the last time this vacation I say:"Good Night USA!".




Sad to see you go..tho blessed to hug you. Come back soon, America will miss you both ❤️💋


Wij zijn in 2011 nog bij een dienst in de crystal cathedal geweest. Mooi gebouw he?

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