Day 23, Majesty in stone and light

Finally ... there it is ... the Grand Canyon! We went early, or at least we thought so, but when we arrived there cars were already lining up big time in front of the gate and man ... people can be sooooo slow, I really don't know why some take so long to get past the gate. I mean, hand over your money (or pass and ID), get your map and possible change and drive. NO idea why some manage minutes to get through.

We arrived at the South rim, drove from viewpoint to viewpoint and once again all the views were so beautiful. All the different colors, the depths and widths, the bare mountains and the green trees, I am really starting to run out of words to describe everything I see. Luckily there are people that have been there before that know to describe it very poetic:"Gaze at magnificent vistas of earth and sky. Colors blend and change as the sun rises and passes toward the west. Listen to the wind and canyon creatures. The dark Night sky allows stars to slowly emerge." (Although listening to the wind and canyon creatures was often made impossible by screaming and crying kids.)
At the end of the road we reached the Desert View Watchtower. An impressive construction where cultures meet. I loved to see the native artwork and of course the views from way up hight were breathtaking!
While watching the sunset at the end of the day the words I read earlier that day came to mind.
Please allow me to quote John Muir:"In the supreme flaming glory of sunset the whole canyon is transfigured as if the life and light of centuries of sunshine store up in the rocks was now being poured forth as from one glorious fountain, flooding both earth and sky."

After the sunset we went back into town and wanted to have dinner at Sizzler ... we went inside, checked the menu, looked at eachother and said:"TEXAS ROADHOUSE!" so byebye Sizzler and HELLOOOOO Texas Roadhouse!   The food is just perfect and so is the Hurricane Margarita!




Wow !
De Grand Canyons !
En dan je buik niet vol hebben met indrukken en weer eten 😂

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