Day 22, a monument, movie location and a new dining experience

While in the neighborhood, one cannot leave without visiting Monument Valley. Once again it is hard not to repeat myself but this also was so beautiful. How the mountains stand out from the desert, tall and red, like castles. One think I did wonder though ... what is it that makes these three so special when there are a couple of other. just as beautiful mountains, right there with them. It is cool to see where Stagecoach was filmed and with a little bit of information you can see what it must've looked like in those days. 

We crossed the road to see Goulding's Lodge, the shops that go with it and of course ... John Wayne's Cabin. You are tempted to think this was actually a cabin and in the movie you see John Wayne go inside ... truth is though that it was just the exterior with an added sign and chair. The interior you think there was ... really was just a potato cellar. Yupz ... we get fooled by movie makers. LOL

On our way to our motel in Flagstaff we passed through Tuba city ... didn't see any tuba's! Shortly after we drove through a nice little sandstorm and after a stop at the Cameron Trading Post we arrived in Flagstaff.

Right across the street of our motel was a restaurant called Texas Roadhouse ... it looked nice so we decided to eat there ... well, let me tell you, they have new fans! The staff was very friendly, they were great about my food allergies and the food was very good. We had no idea this place was so well known and so many on Facebook replied with their own experience! I think they might see DoubleDutch more often! 




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