Day 20 Bryce!

After Zion next on the list is of course Bryce Canyon NP! Can't believe it was 28F (-2C) when we got in the car but being the tough Dutchies we are, we were still wearing shorts. Before we got there we stopped at Red Canyon, a great warm up for Bryce with the beautiful arches you get to drive through.

Soon we arrived at Bryce, we decided to first drive all the way up and stop at the view points on the way back. So our first stop was at Rainbow Point, we didn't see a rainbow but that doesn't mean the view wasn't beautiful. Looking down on the red mountain tops covered with deep green trees under a bright blue sky ... What's not to love? We walked the Bristlecone loop which treated us on some amazing overlooks and a sign on top spoke to us:"Silence alone is worthy to be heard." Henry David Thoreau.
One thing I love to see in the mountains are arches or cave like structures. The next (short) stop was Ponderosa Point, the mountains together looked like a huge castle with nothing but towers. From Agua Canyon and Natural Bridge (OMG talking about an arch!!!) and Farview Point we ended up at Sunset Point and thought the Navajo Loop looked interesting so we went for it. It started and ended with a steep zigzagging trail. Half way the trail down we were asked to wait on a corner because a rescue team had to carry a stretcher up with someone that fell and hurt her leg. When we got down we were stunned by two huge trees that rise up from the bottom of the canyon all the way to the top. Perseverance at it's best!!! The trail was so gorgeous, rocky but also green and water, full sun and shade. Even though the trail up was steep and hard, it had been so worth it and we would do it again! 

Via Bryce Point we went to Inspiration Point and highly inspired we went to Sunrise Point and after a short visit to the visitor's centre we left the park again. But only to return a couple of hours later to watch the Sunset at Sunset point ...

B E A U T I F U L ! ! ! ! !

Can't wait to see what else this gorgeous country has in store for us!!!




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