Day 19 Wild life, cold water and OMG

Leaving St. George early in the morning, those of you that've been to Zion know the parking space is limited and you have to be early to get a good parking space. When we arrived the parking lot was already full, we drove around a second time and couldn't believe our luck that someone was already leaving and we had a spot. We took the shuttle bus to the farthest point 'Temple of Sinawava' and headed for the Narrows. On the way we spotted our first dear, a sweet one but sooo skinny!
We considered ourselves brave and took of our shoes to walk across the water to the Narrows ... uhm ... nope ... can't do, the water was FREEZING!!! I was afraid the cold would travel straight to my tummy. Serge was a bit braver and took a couple of steps but of course he didn't want to leave me behind. It gave me the opportunity to get some nice pics though of him on a rock in the water. Our next stop was Grotto, another nice hike through amazing nature, I know me stating to go OOOH and AAAH is probably getting boring but it is true. I just can't get over the beauty, the nature, the mountains, the water. It is so amazingly beautiful. Breathtaking!!! And if I am not OOOHing or AAAHing I am just quiet, taking it all in, letting nature in my soul. 

Our tummy's were telling us it was time for lunch so of course we got out again at the Zion lodge, had lunch, bought our fridge magnet (that's 'our thing', we buy a fridge magnet from the big cities and for this USA trip the national parks) and headed for our third hike ... the Emerald pools. Unfortunately we could only get to the lower pools since the path was closed due to rock fall. But that already was way worth it! Seeing those pools and the waterfalls come down from the mountains. The path was a bit slippery here and there due to water running across but it was wide enough to not fall and so so so rewarding! 

The last stop we got out was the Court of the Partriarchs, three high peaks named after three towering figures of the Old Testament: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

We got back to our car and drove back into town where my wonderful man put up with my rock craziness and we visited 2 rock shops! From there we went up to the Canyon Overlook and from there to Checkerboard Mesa. On the road in between we were rewarded yet again when suddenly on the side of the road there were 3 Desert Bighorns, standing there, posing for us ... my eyes all teared up, touched by the beauty. Soon also one showed up with the big horns standing on the mountain majestic and proud.

The perfect ending to an already perfect day!




Wat een bizondere dag weer !
Houdt niet op bij jullie !
Wat een indrukken .
Word je er niet moe van ?
En ook nog alles in mooi verhaal opsturen !
Maar fantastisch allemaal 😇

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