Day 17 more Vegas baby YEAH!

Part of the beauty of Las Vegas is the contrast, the loud colorful city and right outside the city border you'll find Red Rock Canyon. It's amazing how fast you get to complete quietness again. To be honest, when we left for the sightseeing, we were kinda expecting a quick drive through and a couple of nice photos. Boy were we wrong! We climbed rocks, admired wide views and hiked through my favorite part 'Lost Creek Canyon'. The dried up creek/river makes it easy to imagine what it's like when water is running through. But the way it looked right now, all the pretty rocks, big and small, the assortment of plants and the mountains surrounding it. Most definitely worth a visit if you're in the neighborhood.
When driving back to the hotel we stopped at In 'n Out, when we're on the road we have food with us, including gluten free crackers for me and goat cheese, but when in a city and wanting to have a quick lunch, choices are limited when you eat glutenfree. Someone suggested that I'd order a hamburger 'protein style', never heard of it but I gave it a go and it was OK, no hassle with a bun and stuff. Good experience!

Back to the hotel we went, after all these busy funfilled days, we deserved some relaxation so to the pool we went! It was SO good to have a little dive, hang in the jacuzzi and lay by the side of the pool. 

When it was time for dinner my very dear friend Lynn who lives in Vegas was willing to meet us at a restaurant in the hotel right across from ours. Meeting up with people while doing a road trip is a lot more difficult than it seems. We have a schedule of things we want to see and in the end only limited time to see it all. So I hope no one is mad at us if we couldn't make it work with them. Anyway ... meeting Lynn ... a friend that has become so dear to me over the past few years, I went through some really hard times but she was one of the people that was ALWAYS there for me. Together with our friend Angel we are kinda like the three musketeers, 'one for all, all for one'!!! Distance doesn't matter and we can talke about everything! So you can probably imagine how I felt when we finally met!
After dinner we head to the strip again and who showed up there?! Right, our other Vegas friend Connie and she hang with us until it was time to go back to the hotel and SLEEP!!!




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