Day 16 about hot places and more

From Ridgecrest our next destination was Death Valley!!! We went from 63F to 98F that day! So many wonderful stops there. Zabriskie Point was the first, Artist's Palette, we had some fun at Devils Golf Course, walked around at Badwater Pool and saw the Ashford Mill Ruins trying to imagine what it must've been like to be working there in the pre-airco era ...
It's hard to describe the Death Valley experience, most places you just have to see to understand them and their beauty and rough inhospitality, the wide openness that isn't truly inviting but yet draws you out of your car. Would I say it's beautiful? Well, some parts yes, but the word that comes to mind more is fascinating or quieting. 

Through Shosone we went back to ... LAS VEGAS! What? AGAIN? YES! 2 days Vegas isn't enough! 

We checked in at the Rio, 13th floor, thank goodness we're not supersticious! That night we went downtown for the Freemont experience ... a whole different world. The lights, the crowds ... a visit to Vegas is not complete without seeing Zowie Bowie and so we did! We sang along, danced with the locals and did some serious people watching. 

After a long exciting day we crawled to our bed and fell asleep.




Ben helemaal bij !
Wat een bizondere ervaringen allemaal 😇

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