Day 15 Leaving the coast

Hard day today ... leaving Morro Bay ... but more adventures ahead of us! 

We headed for the big rock, hoping we could walk around it, but that didn't work out, so we walked about half way around and went back to the car. Since we didn't want to say goodbye to the beach too soon, we went to ... Pismo Beach ... driving your car on the beach! NEVER ever had I done that but always wanted to. We spent some quality time there, picked up some shells and left our footprints in the sand. After that Serge showed me another place that means a lot to us ... the place where the guitars of Steve Lukather are made. Not that interesting for others but to us it is sacred ground. 

By now it was time for lunch, and my amazing tourguide (who also happens to be my amazing boyfriend) knew 'a place' where we could eat ... OMG ... did he deliver!!! The Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo ... you all know I love pink and this place is PINK! And everything is over the top! When we entered there was a lady going in together with us and she looked down at my shoes ..."You have Madonna shoes!" she said ... yupz ... my shoes were pink. We were seated at the fire place, very romantic, the food was great, both of us had a really nice salad and yes ... the napkins were pink too. After we ate we went to the toilet and Serge had me join him to the men's room ... believe it or not ... the men get to pee in a waterfall there!   As soon as someone gets in front, it starts running. The ladies room was ... PINK! Surprise! Pink walls, pink ceiling, reddish pink studded doors ... happy peeing! LOL

Further on the way of our travels we passed the California Valley Solar Farm, impressive and of course a perfect location right there in the open desert. We drove through McKittrik, Buttonwillow, Onyx, Inyokern and ended up in Ridgecrest to spend the night.


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