Day 14 more coastal adventures

Leaving Monterey and looking forward to the rest of our coastal trip. 

First we stopped at Lover's Bay, so cute how all the squirrals are running around and sitting on the rocks and make the place feel alive. We looked around, climbed some rocks (no worries, we always make sure it is safe!) and enjoyed the early morning at the sea.
We continued our way with a few stops to enjoy the scenery and soon arrived at the 17 mile drive ... ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I just can't get over all the gorgeous views, there are no words to describe all the beauty out there. I honestly kept going OOOHHH and AAAHHH ... I kept clicking with my camera and phone and honestly didn't know which direction to point. The perfectly blue skies over the blue sea with huge rocks in it, the trees everywhere, lizzards running around, birds singing ... Oh my gosh, I want to live there!!! 

Cruising down the coastline we continued our trip, honestly didn't see much of Serge since I was constantly looking outside the window. To be honest I'm more a mountain girl than a water girl but maybe it's the combination of both that makes my heart happy. The mountains paddling their feet in the rolling blue waves while birds are using them to rest and where sea lions find peace and quiet places to rest in the small bays. What's not to love about that?!

And yes, every now and then you need to cross a space between two mountains and some genius people build beautiful bridges that compliment the landscape, to name one ... Big Sur ... we crossed it but before we could we had the privilege to end up in a traffic jam and we could get out and take pics and look around. Never thought I'd be grateful for a traffic jam LOL. Of course we also stopped at the assigned look out point and shoot a lot of pics.

For the night we booked a hotel in Morro Bay, found a good deal in a nice place ... the moment of awe was when we entered our room ... FULL VIEW of the Big Rock and not only from the room but also from the shower ... can you imagine how I felt when I was taking a shower while looking out of the window and see that gorgeous view? I really lost my heart there while walking around town, through the harbor and hearing our sea lion friends again. Only downside ... some kind of horn blowing every few minutes all night long. 

But Morrow Bay really won my heart ... don't think any town can beat that! However ... we're not at the end of our trip yet! ;-)




Ja, zee en rotsen is magisch samen enneh ik zei toch dat je er blijft wonen 😉
Klinkt als een prachtige omgeving.
Veel plezier nog!


Wow !
Dat is zo mooi !
Is einde voor mij , de bergen die in zee zakken 😊
Was nu ook zo , maar Franse Pyrenees aan bijde kanten ook!
Zo overeldigend de natuur !
En zeeleeuwen gezien wow !
Wat heb je toch bijzondere vakantie 😇😇😇
Door genieten toch !

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