Day 13 Down the coast

Leaving San Francisco with mixed feelings, happy to travel on and see more of this country but also leaving a city that won my heart. But today we're going two places that are important to me ... GOOGLE and FACEBOOK!!! LOL It is fun to see where a huge part of our lives are being controlled. We also drove through the campus of Stanford University, I never knew these places were so big, like small town big. Very impressive and an eye opener for me. Also did some shopping at Kohls and Target and scored some nice shorts for both of us in sale!

From there on we worked our way to the coast. We stopped in Santa Cruz to walk the pier and see more of those funny sea lions bathing in the sun. I loved driving along the coast and seeing the sea and the mountains come together. Our final destination for this day was Monterey. We changed and hit the cute town of Monterey. We stopped at a nice Chinese restaurant somewhere the main street. Good food!!!
This town made me forget about leaving behind San Francisco right away. I loved the vibe, the main street/Cannery with all the shops and restaurants and walking across the bridges between the two sides of the street. One of those places you can't help but falling in love with. I can't believe I only just now made the connection between Monterey and the Del Monte fruit we buy in cans in The Netherlands (esp. peach, through salads).

A short story but not less of an eventful day. 




You were in my old stomping grounds.


Wat bijzonder allemaal en zoveel !!!!!!!

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