Day 12 Some more San Fran

We had a good night's sleep and were ready for another day of sightseeing San Francisco. Today we wanted to visit the places that were too far to walk to, so we got in the car and started driving. 

First stop of course was the Golden Gate Bridge, we would see more of that during the day from various different angles, but this was the first sighting. Big red and impressive. A great example of manmade structures.
After this we went to the scariest place in San Francisco ... San Quentin, California State Prison, department of corrections, I told them I wanted to leave Serge there for theft since he stole my heart but they said they were full, so I took him with me again. Good thing by the way because this trip wouldn't be any fun without him. The Richmond San Rafael bridge was next, less elegant than the Golden Gate but not less impressive. And on we went to the next view of the Golden Gate Bridge different angle, different view, isn't it amazing how they made smth like that?!

Battery Spencer was up next, an important site guarding the Golden Gate that was built in 1897 and in use till 1943. This place felt a bit eerie but climbing all the way up, you have an amazing view of the Golden Gate and we shot some great pics again.

Another famous place in San Francisco ... the Painted Ladies/Alamo Square, saw them so often in the tv show 'Full House' and now I saw them for real. Nice houses but I would hate living there and having people show up every day and take pictures. We spent some time laying in the grass on Alamo Square with the sun on our faces. Good times! From there we drove to a real Dutch windmill situated in Queen Wilhelmina Garden, yupz ... we travelled all the way to the USA to see a Dutch windmill LOL. According to the sign it was a 'tulip garden' but I'm pretty sure tulips don't look like begonias ... ;-) .

From here we drove to Twin Peaks where we had THE BEST outlook over the city, I am so blessed my love knows to find all those great spots! 

Last, but certainly not least ... we had to drive the crooked road, in other words LOMBARD STREET! It was pretty busy and we followed the road down in a long row of cars, it's kinda fun, like a slow motion roller coaster in your own car. Even so much fun we did it again! HAHAHA

After this we brought the car back to the hotel and walked back to town for dinner. We ended up at Applebees and I had my first glass of wine in 2 weeks. 

Yet another perfect day in the USA!




Wat een dag weer !!!
Wat zien jullie veel 😀

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