Day 11 I forgot the flowers in my hair ...

Having had a night with little sleep because of the heavy traffic, we were not sorry to leave Merced and did so early. We knew our next stop would be well worth it and we hit the road singing:"When you're goiiiiing to Saaan Fraaan Ciscooooo, be sure to weeeaaar some floweeers in your haaaiiir ...' DANG .. I forgot the flowers in my hair ... hope they'll still let me in!

Yupz, our next stop is San Francisco! We entered the city over the Oakland Bay Bridge and nobody asked about the flowers, so we were good. Serge drove up and down some streets, and past Fisherman's Wharf and I was impressed by the steep roads and got the impression of a nice open town that caught me right away. Our Motel was on Lombard street and even though we were too early, we could check in. We left our suitcases and left by foot right away, ready to see the city. We headed straight for Fisherman's Wharf and our 'friends' at Pier 39. We ate a nice hotdog (imagine me eating one without the bun but with all the toppings LOL), bought a fridge magnet and enjoyed the surrounding. It was crowded but when we got at the end of the pier and saw the sea, we forgot the crowds and just lost ourselves in the view.
You haven't been in San Francisco if you didn't ride a cable car, so that was our next destination. We walked all the way up to the starting point and got on board. I totally loved the sound of the cables, the shaking of the car, seeing how it moved through the streets. So happy we did that! When we arrived in the city centre we got off and set course to Chinatown.
Of course, as true TOTO fans, we stood by the gate singing:'Down in Chinatown oooeeeh oeh oeh oeh hoooe', and yes, did get some strange looks LOL. We walked around a bit, had some fun with a local shopowner where we bought a San Francisco sweater (we are such tourists hahaha) and loved breathing in the city.

Via the Transamerica Pyramid on Montgomery street, we walked back to Fisherman's Wharf and found a place for dinner. Had a nice meal in a very quiet Denny's.

Almost 30,000 steps later we were back at the hotel. We were only planning to stay one night but while browsing the city we decided to stay another night and somehow the owner liked us a lot and gave us a really good deal on the 2nd night.

Nightynight San Francisco, see you again tomorrow!




Wow !
Wat geweldig allemaal !

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