Day 10 Can it get even more beautiful?

Today we left Bridgeport early and headed for Yosemite. I kinda had my expectations based on the things I heard and read. I expected some beautiful sceneries and a couple of hours of fun. Little did I know it would take us all day and even then we didn't see everything there is to see. We did see A LOT though. And everything exceeded my expectations. OH MY GOSH. I know yesterday I said about Lake Tahoe: "Nothing can beat this place.", guess I was wrong, Yosemite is really breathtaking.

Mr. Serge, my personal tourguide really knew how to find all the hot spots and the most beautiful views. Lake view, mountain view, waterfalls ... not one little thing was skipped. Usually I have my way with words but Yosemite is hard to capture in words. The gorgeous lakes surrounded by trees and bushes, suggesting the exsistence of wildlife, the majestic mountains, solid and protecting the surroundings, woods with trees, bushes and rocks where you expect a bear or a deer jump out of any time ... one even more amazing than the other.
One thing I would suggest for everyone visiting Yosemite is ...: "don't skip the dam!". Impressive to see the front, how it's build, the landscape underneath, the size, but definitely also the backside, by the lake. SO quiet, beautiful and with a little bit of imagination you can feel the presence and history of the Native Americans who lived, and still are living there. It sure got me quiet and the butterflies fluttering around added to the magic.
But of course all the other sceneries are just as worthwhile seeing. El Capitan, Half Dome, Bridal veil waterfall, each and every one will make you go ... WOOOWWW ... at least it did me.

We ended the visit to Yosemite at Glacier Point, Ranger Dave held an educational lecture about the sky, how the different colors at sunset appear and the history of Yosemite. While listening to him we experienced that sunset ourselves, the colors changing, nature becoming quiet and the sun setting behind the mountains. Couldn't have been a better ending to a perfect day. 

In complete darkness we left the mountains, the road would be closed an hour after because of a storm coming and we headed to our motel. Tired but happy we arrived at the Roadway in Merced ... well, we're gonna skip that one next time. Our room was right besides the highway but it seemed we were ON it and when we left the room the next morning, we had to make sure we didn't step on the maggots that were on the floor outside. But that didn't spoil the fun ... tomorrow more about the next adventure! 

Good night!




Oh , wat overweldigend mooi en wat een mooi verhaal !
Wat een indrukken doe je allemaal op !

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