Day 8 Goodbye Salt Lake City, hello Reno!

If you've been to Las Vegas, you have to see Reno too, right? So on our way we are. If you ever travelled from Salt Lake City to Reno you know that on the way you pass by the great Salt Lake desert, again one of those miracles that makes you go oooooh and aaaaah. Needless to say we OF COURSE stopped and did the great 'taste the salt and spit it out disgusted' thing and had some fun on the salt. Amazing how from a distance it looks just like snow.

When we got to Reno late afternoon it was really busy. Turned out there was a biker event in town and there was a market with biker stuff. We got a room at the 20th floor and the view was wonderful and we could clearly see the Reno sign. We went out for dinner and since I saw the iHop has gluten free pancakes, I really wanted to go there, was already afraid I'd have to miss the famous American pancakes ... well turns out I still did because what we didn't think of is that pancakes are made with ... right ... milk ... So off we went and made the Olive Garden happy with our presence. After dinner we decided we felt lucky and hit the slots again ... guess we fooled ourselves cause we weren't lucky at all hahaha. Oh well, at least we had fun!

Again ... pictures follow later. ;-) 




Tjonge jonge !
Wat een indrukken te verwerken 😊
En je geniet zoooo te merken !
Fantastisch voor jullie 😇😇😇

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