Day 7 From Vegas to Salt Lake City

Today it's time to say goodbye to the city that ever sleeps (Yeah I know that's New York but it goes for Las Vegas too ;-) ).
From Vegas to Salt Lake City, a long drive with a nice reward on the end ... the second time we see TOTO during our trip. Sad one too because it is the last time we'll see them, maybe even the last time ever. We don't know what the future will bring but at least it will be a long break for them. 

But getting back to our trip, thanks to Ulla who posted a picture of the Y trail on my birthday, we looked it up, it turned out to be on our route and we decided to go see it. And boy, did that turn out WAAAAAY better than expected. We were expecting just a sign somewhere on a mountain and that's it. Well, there was a sign and there was a mountain but when we parked we were struck by the INCREDIBLE view over Provo, which by the way is a very nice town itself. Lovely houses, nice clean streets and of course ... the views ... I can't stop talking about the views. We didn't hike the trail because it was a really steep one plus we had to be in Salt Lake City on time to see our guys.

When we arrived in Salt Lake City we went straight to the hotel, changed, had some dinner and off to the concert it was. Of course our guys gave their best again and we ran into some of Serge's friends whom he met on previous visits. 

Another eventful day!

Pictures following later ... :-)


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