Day 6, 2nd day in Vegas

Today is our 2nd day in Vegas, we already know that 2 days won't be enough but we're going to see as much as we can. After getting some groceries and filling up the tank we are heading to the Jewelry & Minerals store that my friend Lynn recommended. I was expecting 'just another rock store', even though I know she would probably recommend something special. Little was I prepared for this experience ... honestly, I think this is what heaven must be like. So many gorgeous pieces, small, big and enormous. WOW!!! And still I missed their best piece which was outside on the back of the shop, but with what I saw I already have plenty to dream about.

Serge knows all the good places and he took me to the Premium Outlet North. It was huge and so many great stores. Of course we had to enter the Michael Kors shop too, HUGE mistake LOL ... oh well, not really, VERY happy with my new bag!

Shopping makes you hot and by now we were in need of a nice dip in the pool so we headed back to the hotel. After swimming a few lanes we ended up in the hot tub and it wasn't long before we looked at each other in disbelieve ... "did you feel it too?", "yes, I think I did" ... nooooo ... it can't be ... but true RAIN IN VEGAS ... we've never seen so many people leave a pool and the area so fast! But since we are Dutch and used to a bit of rain, we stayed and a couple others joined us in the hot tub. It didn't last long and it was still nice to be outside. When it was over Serge swam a couple of lanes again and by then we got hungry so we got dressed and hit The Strip again. We had dinner at Chilli's and there were a few hotels we hadn't seen yet so we walked around a bit and I watched my eyes out. Especially the Paris and the Venetian ... SO beautiful!
When you're in Vegas you have to gamble so we went to the slotmachines, my first time and 400% profit! WOOOHOOO!

I think you all can guess what came after that ... yes ... a nice night sleep. ;-)




Mooi om te zien zo herkenbaar ook ja, die hotels geweldig, ik blijf jullie volgen


Wat bizonder allemaal !
Wat een indrukken !
Nog mooie kristallen gekocht ?
En is toch niet waar dat je daar gegokt hebt !
Maar blijf genieten , nof 2 weekjes te gaan 😊
Wat een pracht vakantie!

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