Day 2, Sightseeing

I'm a little bit behind on my log, the past couple of days were full of fun and when we got back to the hotel all I wanted to do was ... SLEEP! So now we're in Barstow, a bit earlier than other days so I'm trying to catch up starting with day 2.
Day 2, Thursday, was the big sightseeing day. Jetlag got us up early so we had plenty of time to see all the hotspots. Of course we started at Griffith Observatory, great views over the city and of course the Hollywood sign. On the way down we came past the Greek Theatre, for the TOTO fans a familiar venue. Of course we also had to see Capital Records.

SIghtseeing makes hungry so lunch was very needed, Gelson's Market has a big counter with all kind of ingredients so you can make your own salad and ... I'M LOVING IT!

After lunch we were recharged and went on with the sightseeing. We got as close to the Hollywood sign as we could without hiking, drove the Pacific Coast Highway, through Malibu and of course we stopped at the Santa Monica pier, had a look around, got our feet wet in the see and strolled Third Street with the sand of the beach still between our toes.

We ended our day at the BLVD Hotel in Studio City where we had a small Toto Fanpage America meet up, after years of strictly online contact I finally met Jay and Kathleen, the wonderful moderators of the Toto Fanpage America and very dear friends. Fellow fans Merrel and Dannene were there too and we had lots of laughs ... I however missed some jokes because I kept falling asleep so it was very clear it was high time to go back to our hotel and ... zzzzzzzzz ...






Zo wat veel al !
Straks nog effe je andere lezen !
Effe bijkomen van de reis !
Nu eerst wat te eten zoeken 😊!
Tot snel !

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